Vintage Deli Clothing

Vintage Deli Clothing

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A varied mix of outstanding one offs and timeless beauties. We select the finest cuts of simple to exotic dresses, jackets and accessories all with a little extra character and uniqueness. The cutest of cardis; dresses only seen in dreams; jackets you’ll pair with anything.We want you to enjoy these pieces, morphing colour and texture to maximize impact.

Vintage Deli resides in the country where all is a little calmer but when it’s time to get excited we use all of Mother Nature’s own creativity and yours, along with our own to maximize satisfaction. Time to for us all to share the knowledge.

We offer Vintage Gems from all eras, for all sizes, wallets, ages, styles. You will find vintage designer, vintage high street, vintage couture, as well as the well worn wonders section which are well worn!!!! but still fab and will lighten up any eye when you see the price tag.

The way we source our clothes here at Vintage Deli means that before exhibition we end up with plenty of clothes which don’t quite cut the mustard; these clothes are all donated to charity and make us no profit. The clothes which are not sold for charity are shipped out to Africa for those a lot less fortunate than ourselves. The packaging that we send your little surprises in is recyclable, re-useable or eco friendly.

What makes a vintage deli pieces extra special is that every time you wear your new surprise the in-depth story goes on and the clothes only increase in their value both historically and worth. A great investment for all.

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